Service tenet
Users are God
service idea
Every little thing you do is a big one for us.
Service promise
After receiving the user's notification, it is guaranteed that 12 hours in the
province and 48 hours outside the province can be rushed to the scene to solve the problem.
Service policy
Think about what users think and what users are anxious about
Service criteria
Enthusiasm, courtesy, perfection, thoughtfulness and timeliness
Service target
Customer Satisfaction 100%
Three-package Service Standard
Three-package Term and Free Service Content
Serial number Name of Parts and Components Warranty period Maintenance Fault Description
1 Electric machinery 3 years Replacement of new motors within 1 year, 2-3 replacement maintenance (motor coil phase absence, short circuit, burnout non-human factors)
2 Tooth/Side Gui Motor 2 years Replacement of new machine in one piece and post-maintenance treatment (non-artificial factors of motor coil phase gap, short circuit and burnout)
3 Hall element of motor 6 months Functional failure
4 Motor bearing 12 months Quality issues (non-human factors)
5 Controller 1 years Functional failures (non-human factors)
6 Charger 1 years Functional failures (non-human factors)
7 Lead acid battery 1 years Battery capacity less than 60% (non-human factors), free replacement of new batteries within 6 months, free replacement of maintenance batteries during 7-12 months (based on the date of battery factory)
8 lithium battery 2 years Battery capacity less than 60% (non-human factors), free replacement of new batteries within 12 months, free replacement of maintenance batteries during 13-24 months (based on the date of battery factory)
9 Directional handlebar, frame, front fork, direction column, rear flat fork 2 years Fracture and de-welding (non-human factors)
10 Speed control handle, brake, instrument, converter, flash, horn, anti-theft device, voice device, LED lamp 9 months Functional failures (non-human factors)
11 Central axle, crank sprocket, front and rear shock absorption, rear rack, saddle tube, main support, side support, flywheel, saddle, cushion 6 months Hardware breakage and de-welding (non-human factors); saddle, cushion breakage, bottom breakage (non-human factors)
12 Front Rim 1 years Rust, paint removal, deformation and bearing wear (non-human factors)
13 Ordinary tyre 6 months Faults, cracks and bubbles (non-human factors)
14 Vacuum tyre 1 years Faults, cracks and bubbles (non-human factors)
15 Inner tube 15 days Trachoma and air leakage (no replacement due to self-repair or improper riding)
16 Baking varnish 6 months Bubbles and cracks
17 Rearview mirror, safety pipe, light bulb, cable, switch, brake shoe block Fragile parts not covered by warranty
18 Other Unlisted Parts and Components Replacement with quality problems within 3 months (non-human factors) and replacement at cost after 3 months
Special tips: 1. The above time is based on the date of purchase. (Except for storage batteries)
2. This table is for reference only. Refer to the corresponding product specifications for the three-package specifications of specific models.
Non-triple warranty
Serial number content
1 Faults caused by user failure to use, maintain and adjust according to the "Instructions for Use"
2 User self-repairing and refitting cause damage, and self-decomposition, so that the original state of the fault is destroyed, and it is unable to carry out technical identification and analysis of the fault.
3 Faults caused by improper use or custody of users or accidents.
4 Vehicles without warranty cards, valid sales notes or ticket cards
5 Fragile parts and consumables are not allowed to be packaged in three packages (e.g. flywheel, bearing, saddle, support, locks, lamps, fuses, brake skins, brake lines, spokes, bulbs, rearview mirrors, carbon brushes, reflecting mirrors, plastic parts and PP parts belonging to the non-three-pack period are not allowed to be packed in three packages).
6 Disassemble the parts by oneself outside the scope of the instructions.
7 Self-repairing projects without the consent of the special maintenance unit.
8 The quality guarantee period of the parts that have been repaired and replaced during the warranty period is still calculated according to the original three-package period.

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